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Special Assembly To Commemorate Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam’s Birth Anniversary

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary was commemorated at Revel Dale Public School with a lot of reverence, devotion and enthusiasm. Different presentations based on Dr. Kalam’s lofty ideals and principles  were staged by the students and teachers.

A skit that projected the struggle that Dr. Kalam had to undergo as a child and then as a young scientist  was performed by the students. Dr. Kalam always wanted the youngsters to have a high goal.

Today all the children of the  school learnt about the need of having a high goal through a song.

Dr. Kalam’s contribution to the sphere of space science is pivotal. School children and teachers showed their reverence for Dr. Kalam’s contribution by making a working model of Chandrayaan 3. It was the most soul shirring and exciting spell in the entire special assembly held at the school today.

A strong wave of inspiration was experienced in the entire ambience of the school today.

All the students resolved to tread the path shown by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam through his thoughts, words and deeds.

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