Revel Dale Public School

A Hub of Learning

Mr Rajiv Arora, the founder Principal of the school is an educationist who is committed to educational excellence. Even though he has vast experience of 30 years yet he is far from complacency. He believes in constant upgradation. He strives ceaselessly to create the ambience in the school where teachers impart education with zeal and passion and children learn with pleasure and in a large measure.

Rajiv Arora, Principal

Being a voracious reader Mr Rajiv Arora keeps on enriching himself with inspiring insights. He uses his oratorial skills to educate and enlighten the children of the school. The team of teachers works in an inspired manner under the able stewardship of Mr Rajiv Arora.
He exemplifies all that he expects from the teachers. He personifies focus, dedication,perseverance and discipline.
He holds this conviction that with quality education children can be made what they are capable of becoming, ie , winners who think well, listen well, learn well and perform passionately. He earnestly wants all the children of the school to emerge as the pride of India.
He is a prolific writer. He has authored 12 books which include a book that contains 25 poems all dedicated to Kargil Warriors. He has recently brought out a book ‘Excellence and its Essentials for Students’.This book contains motivational write ups for students.
He is on a mission to cultivate 21st century skills in the children so that they may all negotiate the challenges that life has in store for them and prove their merit and mettle.Revel Dale Public School is being acknowledged as the real hub of learning by everyone. Three thousand students are receiving education here and are getting transformed into enriched and inspired young scholars.
Even though school is growing at a fast pace yet Mr Rajiv Arora is trying day in and day out to take this institution to still greater heights.
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