Revel Dale Public School

A Hub of Learning

Here at Revel Dale Public School, Rangarh we don’t prepare future for the children but we prepare children for the future. It is at a school that child is made physically strong, intellectually empowered, morally firm, emotionally stable and spiritually enlightened. When all these strengths are cultivated in the students they are prepared for the, future and thus they take all sorts of challenges head on and scale a victory over them.

Rajiv Arora, Principal

It is at the school level that it is expected that children are groomed in a manner that they may emerge as the responsible citizens of the future. In other words the future of the nation banks upon the students. If students don’t get quality education, they can’t emerge as the human beings who can lead the society well. Here at Revel Dale Public School, Rangarh ,we, the teachers, believe in this vision that each child of the school has in him the potential of being the pride of the nation. We strive ceaselessly to make sure that he learns to think well, learn well, listen well, create well, read well, write well, analyse well and express well.
We try to make sure that he is enabled with skills, enriched with values and empowered with knowledge. It is in this manner that potential of each child can be tapped and thus he becomes what he is capable of becoming, i.e., a winner. Teachers can tap the potential of the children successfully if they connect with the children. This connection or rapport with the students can be struck if teachers treat the children with compassion. Here at Revel Dale Public School each teacher is an embodiment of compassion. It is this compassion that becomes evident when teachers go an extramill to educate the children.
They don’t keep their teaching confined to six hours only but they also spend a lot of time and energy on their personal updation and upgradation after the school hours so that they may impart quality education to the children. We, the teachers of the school, are fully aware that children are to face fierce competition in the days to come and they will be able to compete well if they are multi-talented and confident. Here at the school all efforts are made to give our children the platform where they showcase their strengths. Different activities are conducted at the school through which they channelize their energy and thus they learn skills and hone their strengths. Through different academic and Co-academic pursuits the children of the school develop such wonderful winning virtues that they acquire a well-rounded and harmoniously developed personality.
Revel Dale Public School is a true hub of learning. Here we don’t believe in glitter and gloss. Here we believe in core educational values and we never make any compromise in terms of these values. We nurture our children with deep and comprehensive knowledge, with time tested and time honoured values and virtues, with ever evolving creativity and with strong oral expression. The work that we have taken up is very tough. We can’t ever afford to rest or relax. We need to work constantly and consistently to make each child of the school pride of the nation.
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