Revel Dale Public School

A Hub of Learning

Our Mission

To perspire and persevere in such a manner that each child becomes what he is capable of becoming, i.e. a winner who thinks well, reads well, writes well, learns well, expresses well, analyses well and decides well.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear in our mind and this vision is the driving force of everyone here at the school. We, the teachers, are determined to make every child of the school physically strong, intellectual enlightened, morally firm and emotional stable. We are to equip him with information, enrich him with values and empower him with knowledge. We are to enlighten him about his duties and responsibilities that he has towards his parents, society and his country. We are to guide him towards his goal which has to be as high as is the sky.


To create ambience in the school that nurtures time tested values and virtues in the children and grooms them well for all the 21st Century challenges that life has in store for them.


Tasks to be assigned to the members of the Student Council:

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