Revel Dale Public School

A Hub of Learning

Amanbir Singh Sandhu

The President of Revel Dale Public School is some one who is driven, motivated and inspired. It is he who envisioned an educational institution where students are led from confusion to clarity, from diffidence to confidence, from waywardness to focus and from ignorance to enlightenment. He is always keen to ensure that the children of the school are cast in the mould of a winner.He always states that the students of school should be an embodiment of academic excellence. He works day in and day out to provide best infrastructure to the students. The student of the school have peaceful reading session in the well stocked library. They develop scientific aptitude by making experiments in the high-tech Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab. The sporting talent of the children is recognized and chiseled in the sports complex of the school. Mr. Amanbir Singh deserves to be richly complimented for creating a school that is fast emerging as a true centre of excellence.

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