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This image shows children flying towards the sky with the wings that are provided to them by books that are the source of creativity, values and knowledge.When children have with them the support of books then they don’t have to crawl . They fly, go high and touch the sky. This exactly is the theme of Jalaluddin Rumi’s poem given below the image.


Dear Students
Now you all need to be in examination mode. When you prepare for examination in a focussed, sincere, determined and disciplined manner then you are in examination mode. When you make repeated efforts and when you make good use of your time for your preparation, you are considered to be in examination mode. When you are in examination mode, you do very well in examination. Best wishes Team RDPS


There are simple rules for exceptional success in examination. First we need to show dedication in our preparation and then we are to write our paper in a focussed manner. Once these simple principles are duly put into practice, on the day of the result we succeed for sure and everyone feels proud of us. We are sure that you are all making dedicated efforts to experience great success on the day of the result. Best wishes Team RDPS


Dear Students, Good Morning

This image throws ample light on the importance of time management for doing well in examination. Early hours of the day give you sufficient extra time that you need for doing strong preparation. Each subject is important and needs your focussed attention. We are confident that you are all managing your time well for your glorious success in examination. Best wishes Team RDPS


Dear Students, Good Morning

You all richly deserve good marks. You all are capable of getting very good marks. Marks will bring a lot of happiness for you and your family. You need to devote time to all the subjects. You need to work sincerely. You need to stay connected with your teachers. Wishing you grand success in your examination Team RDPS


Dear Students, Good Morning

This painting depicts so beautifully this truth that when you put your heart and soul into your preparation for examination, you earn victory for yourself. Your success in examination brings so much delight to your family. Your victory in examination brings feelings of pride to your teachers. We, your teachers, are confident that all of you must be preparing yourself very well for your examination. May you all touch victory point successfully in your examination! Best wishes Team RDPS


Dear Students

This image shows a student who has all the books on her study table and is giving due time to all the subjects. She seems to be fully focussed on her preparation. She says that she is determined to do strong preparation. It is strong preparation that leads to strong performance in the examination. We,your teachers , are fully confident that you are also doing strong preparation for doing very well in your examination. Our good wishes are always with you. Best wishes Team RDPS


Everyday so much is done at the school to groom the students for a glorious future. Assembly activities, sports activities, music classes, library sessions, art classes and dance classes apart from regular academic work are those pursuits that enable the children to emerge as strong youngsters in the days to come. If any child misses the school, it is impossible for that child to make up that loss.

Best wishes
All the teachers of RDPS


Esteemed Parents, Sat Sri Akal

If we Punjabis are known worldwide as great patriots, to a great extent it is because of S. Bhagat Singh who inspires us even today with his matchless battle that he fought against the Britishers for the freedom of our motherland. His sacrifice shook the foundation of the British Empire. It will be great if mothers of the children studying in classes Playpen to III tell the story of S.Bhagat Singh to the child. Every child will surely feel greatly inspired.Please send the video. Students of classes IV to XII are to speak about the great patriotic spirit of S. Bhagat Singh in front of their parents and send the video. E Certificate of Gratitude will be awarded to mothers. Young Patriot Award will be given to students who speak about S Bhagat Singh in front of their Parents.


Dear Students,

There is a lot that can be learnt from a farmer. Simplicity, hard work, determination, selfless efforts, strong bonding with mother earth and spirit of contributing. Being the child of a farmer, if all the qualities of a farmer are cultivated by you in yourself, you can emerge as a great scholar who will become strong asset to the society in the days to come. Small children studying in classes Play Pen to 3rd std are to present themselves as a farmer, and they are to recite the poem written on this image. Students of other classes are to either write or speak what they feel they can learn from a farmer to do well as a student.


Dear Students

Everyday we have so many challenges in front of us. We have so many weather related challenges. Covid has also posed a challenge to us.
If all these challenges are there, should we not do our duty?
If duty is not done by soldiers, scientists, farmers and teachers, can we survive and grow in our life? Students also have a duty to add to his/ her learning on regular basis. Are they also doing their duty or they are scared of challenges. You are also a student. Please respond by making a video or by writing 50 to 70 words.


Dear Students Greetings

In this image, you can see your school. Your school is a pious place where all your teachers assess you and educate you. They teach you all winning habits and winning norms . They impart you in-depth knowledge. Please express your feelings that you have for your school. Students can make a video, or they can write their response. Parents are requested to encourage the children to respond to this message.


Dear Students, Good Afternoon

When a child receives education, it is important that he has in him the qualities that make him a good human being.When we talk of a good human being , we talk of someone who is committed, creative, competent and compassionate. Please explore your own thoughts and think of the virtues that you feel that you should have in you to become a good human being. Speak a few words on what you have decided to do to become a good human being . Please post your video on class groups.


Esteemed Parents

Please look at this image, which shows the whole family’s love for reading.
If this kind of culture is there in the family, it motivates the child also to have strong bonding with books.I would request parents to sit with the child with a story book.If the child is in classes Play Pen to UKG, he can be asked to speak a few lines about story characters and if the child is in classes 1st to 3rd ,child can be asked to read a few sentences of the story. Please post this video on the class groups.


Our National Flag symbolizes our identity, our dignity, our pride and our honour. This flag reminds us of the struggle and sacrifices of countless Indians. When we see our National Flag, immediately we think of expressing our gratitude towards the great stalwarts of country. If we bear the image of this tricolor in our heart, we will never forget our responsibilities and duties towards Mother India. We will surely respond to this message by writing a note or by speaking about our duties towards the Mother Nation. Jai Hind


Dear Children, Good Morning
Please have a look at this image of the day. Netaji Subhash Chander Bose had combined in himself the virtues of a great scholar, a revolutionary, an articulate orator, a fierce fighter and a passionate patriot. He is a perfect role model for the modern generation. What do you think? Respond by writing 50 to 70 words or by preparing a video of one minimum in which you speak a few words on the contribution of Netaji to the nation. You can also make painting of Neta Ji.

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